Boîte de dialogue Facebook oauth montrant par défaut pour un nouvel utilisateur, sur l'application iframe

Aujourd'hui, je viens de remarquer quelque chose de bizarre sur mon application facebook iframe. Voici le flux de travail que je rencontre:

  1. I have never used the app before, im a first time user (ie deauthorized the app before)
  2. I go to - this is not the real facebook app im talking, is just for sake of example.
  3. The app now redirects automatically to this: Is actually redirecting to the approve app dialog.

The problem: Until today, the app wasnt automatically redirecting to auth dialog; instead i was showing a welcome screen where i had a button Join, and on click on that button i was redirecting user to approve the app.

Alors que se passe-t-il, pourquoi sa redirection automatiquement? Est-ce parce que facebook a changé quelque chose? Ou peut-être un mauvais paramètre dans les paramètres de l'application?

Merci d'avance,
Marius B.

Found the here it goes. It seems that in app settings even if i did not had Enhanced Auth Dialog option enabled, for some reason the Authenticated Referrals option was active.

Solution: Go to Settings->Advanced, and enable Enhanced Auth Dialog option, then go to Settings->OAuth Dialog and disable Authenticated Referrals option from bottom. Then go back to Settings->Advanced and disable the Enhanced Auth Dialog option.

J'espère que ça aide.